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As we serve survivors we need your help this Christmas season. Gift Cards are a great way to fulfill many needs at One Voice. Below is a suggestion list for locations we use to purchase the things we need to support survivors, however we are grateful for anything you bring. Please consider ending this year on a high note by supporting survivors of sex trafficking at One Voice!

Lubbock Local – Our program does not exist without the Lubbock community so we love teaching the survivors at One Voice about what it looks like to support local businesses and the important role they play in our local economy! Please help us reinvest into our community, while showing survivors what Lubbock has to offer by donating gift cards to local & independent businesses.
• Pack the Pantry –  Snacks are an item that we are always in need of at One Voice. Snacks are an important part of a trauma informed atmosphere. If someone goes hungry it inhibits concentration. Therefore we have snacks available 24/7!  We appreciate any donation of snacks or gift cards to grocery stores such as: Market Street, H-E-B, Wal-Mart, etc.
• Curriculum – Curriculum and activities are a core function at One Voice. Providing interactive workshops and hands on learning takes immense preparation and funds. To maximize our programs we value having resources to increase learning and healing! Check out our Amazon Wish List –
• Restaurants –  Assimilation is a part of the culture at One Voice. We strive to see survivors grow and stretch their abilities to make a positive impact in the Lubbock community. This can be accomplished through a meal with staff, peers, and volunteers! Gift Card examples: Rosa’s, Chicken Express, Texas Roadhouse, Golden Corral, Panda Express, etc.
• Out & About –  Survivors have been robbed of joy and many childhood memories. We strive to create a healing space centered on joy! It is vital to have space & opportunities to try new things and create new healthy memories. Gift Card examples: Altitude, Adventure Park, Premiere Cinema, Main Event, 4ORE!, Texas Tech Athletics, etc.
• Creative Supplies – From art supplies that ignite creativity to hands-on material that bring workshops to life. These essential tools help unleash creativity to learn in unique ways. Check out our Amazon Wish List –
• Yay Me! –  We all have hard days, where we need a bit of a pick-me-up. The culuture at One Voice celebrates working through difficult things and accomplishing something we didn’t think was possible. Join us in making the recovery from hard things more enjoyable! Gift Card examples: Menchies, Pie Bar, Soda Shack, Starbucks, Bahama Bucks, Sonic, etc.
  • Joyful Extras! – The sprinkle or cherry on top of all the activities that crate new memories! Going above and beyond in simple ways communicates value and worth. Check out our Amazon Wish List –
  • Squeaky Clean  – Providing a clean and safe environment is trauma informed and a part of the best practices at One Voice. Help us create a clean space to amplify the healing journey. Gift Card examples: United, H-E-B, Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, etc.

Gift Cards can be mailed to P.O. Box 2337 Lubbock, TX 79408

If you would prefer to skip the stores & shop online visit:

To make a monetary gift please use this link, GIVE HERE! Or postmark your gift by December 31st to OneVoiceHome PO Box 2337 Lubbock, TX 79408.

To give of you time & talent please sign up to volunteer at

It takes all of us coming together to fight for the one!