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In 2013 Lubbock, Texas clenched the title, Friendliest City in America, but we could have told them that. Even before OneVoiceHome filed our 501(c)(3) in 2015, we had the esteemed honor of partnering with other organizations and corporate entities throughout the South Plains to bring our community to the residents at OneVoiceHome. Lubbock and the West Texas region is a community that has committed to see survivors of sex trafficking experience freedom, grace, and restoration.

With an amazing community at our disposal, we have sought out partners who can bring their unique knowledge, talents, & expertise to OneVoiceHome. We know our sustainability relies on strong relationships with others in the fight against sex trafficking. As OneVoiceHome has grown, so have our partnerships with organizations that align with our core values and have a desire to to support survivors so they can have the opportunity for a new beginning.

Please consider supporting our partners as they have chosen to support survivors at OneVoiceHome.