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OneVoice is located in the vibrant city of Lubbock, Texas, and we believe it is a truly great place to live. While Lubbock may not boast hills and rivers, its unique charm lies in the vast expanse of the Lubbock sky, offering beauty day and night. Over the past few years, Lubbock has experienced significant growth, providing incredible opportunities for new beginnings. The city is home to a range of educational options, including small community colleges and the esteemed Texas Tech University. In fact, according to, Lubbock ranks third in the country for high adjusted salaries, above-average job opportunities, low unemployment rates, and high projected growth. It is an ideal place to explore diverse career paths and unleash your creativity, whether by joining established industries or venturing into entrepreneurship. Lubbock offers an array of recreational activities, including kayaking, ax throwing, roller skating, shopping, drive-in movies, sporting events, festivals, and even encounters with adorable prairie dogs. The city is easy to navigate and offers a reliable public transportation system, making it convenient to explore all that Lubbock has to offer.

With an amazing community at our disposal, we have sought out partners who can bring their unique knowledge, talents, & expertise to OneVoiceHome. We know our sustainability relies on strong relationships with others in the fight against sex trafficking. As OneVoiceHome has grown, so have our partnerships with organizations that align with our core values and have a desire to to support survivors so they can have the opportunity for a new beginning.

Please consider supporting our partners as they have chosen to support survivors at OneVoiceHome.