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At Hope for Haven TBRI camp, our focus is on fostering connections before corrections, empowering children and their families to flourish. We draw inspiration from the pioneering work of Dr. Karyn Purvis and the Institute of Child Development at Texas Christian University, particularly their Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) model. Under the guidance of this esteemed group and led by two TBRI practitioners, One Voice is honored to offer this transformative camp experience to families.

TBRI represents a breakthrough and evidence based approach in addressing various childhood behavioral challenges, having shown effectiveness with children from hard places. TBRI teaches and implements four principles that empower, connect, and guide correction:

  • Empowering Principles: Prioritizing aspects such as felt safety, safe touch, nutrition, hydration, sensory processing, and self-regulation.
  •  Connecting Principles: Emphasizing attachment, engagement strategies, and playful interaction to strengthen bonds.
  • Correcting Principles: Utilizing life value terms and the IDEAL response framework to foster positive behavior.

Our camp’s overarching aim is to facilitate genuine connections and foster deeper relationships within families. Through this experience, children and young adults not only learn to navigate life’s challenges but also to thrive. Let’s seize this opportunity to bond, learn more about trauma, how to connect and have a blast along the way!



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